Turn Lane Consulting offers a variety of business development services to support the market growth and profitability of for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Culture Consulting
Culture Consulting helps leadership ensure that the authentic voice and purpose of the company is evident throughout all levels of the organization and that it is effectively conveyed internally and externally.  We will look at the organization from the perspectives of the employees, management and clients. The process includes a series of anonymous surveys and confidential one-on-one interviews that will reveal how to move forward.  You will receive a complete report detailing feedback and how to utilize that information for better internal processes, planning, marketing and increased profits.
Net Benefit = Critical knowledge on which to base a strategic plan.

Target Market Assessment
Are your vision, mission, goals, marketing and/or service offerings on target with what you or the company does best?  Are you wasting valuable resources trying to be too many things to too many people?  The Target Marketing Test is designed to quickly evaluate if the company is staying true to its core competencies and if the mission, vision, goals, branding, and marketing are in alignment with those competencies.  An objective third party perspective allows you to see things about your business that you did not see before.
Net Benefit = A clear set of actions you can take to strengthen your brand and business.

Internal Snapshot
Employees have remarkable insight that often goes untapped.  What is going on inside your organization and how is it impacting your bottom line?  Get a clear picture of employee morale, productivity and the effectiveness of internal processes and systems.  Employees are surveyed and/or interviewed to get feedback about their perception of the company, the marketplace and how to strengthen the business.  Their responses are confidential.
Net Benefit = Powerful information to improve overall effectiveness and increase profit.

Customer Perception Survey
How does the market see you and is that perception helping or hurting your business?  Customer-driven information is a key differentiator for being profitable in a down market.  Through a standardized interview process your top current and potential customers reveal how they perceive your strengths, weaknesses, and your position in the marketplace.  It is often easier to get more business from existing customers than to develop new ones.
Net benefit = Immediate steps to increase sales, profit and new business leads.

Plan of Action
Are you prepared for the changing economic environment?  The most effective way to plan is to include people from all levels of the company in building the strategic plan.  It improves buy-in and execution – especially at a time when you are asking people to do more with less.  Our collaborative method is generally done in 1-2 business days.  TLC serves as the facilitator asking the right questions and packages the end result so that all involved have a workable plan of action.
Net Benefit = Clear employee driven objectives, priorities and a plan of action.

Executive/Entrepreneurial Coaching
Leading a company is challenging.  Coaching sessions provide confidential support to the executive or entrepreneur to manage personal and business challenges so they can become more proactive and effective leaders.  Needs vary including leadership skills development, priority setting, focusing skills, stress management, life balance, brainstorming, problem solving, time management, communication skills, and health and wellness.
Net Benefit = Support, accountability and guidance for effective leadership.